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Icebreaker & Team Building Activities
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-Stranded on an Island

-M & M Game

-Bigger and Better

-Name Game

-Autograph Bingo Game

Educational Activities
The following are separated by grade, group or subject matter. After each title I have listed the skills used for each activity!
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General & Activity Specific

Activities for All Groups:
The following activities can be tailored to fit your students' educational level.

- Letters to Future Self: Creative Writing

-Vocab Bingo: Reading & Writing

-Letter to the President: Essay Writing & Social Awareness

-Money Wise: Math

Reading Books Activities:
The following activities will guide you through reading with kids and discussions about books. (reading comprehensive, critical thinking, plot analysis, relaying opinions)

-Starting A Kids Book Club: Reading

-Bringing Books Alive: 5th-7th, Reading & Writing

-Citation Hunt: Middle School, Writing

-Judge Book by Cover: Literary Analysis & Writing

Grade & Group Specific Activities

Groups B & C:

-Summer Memory Book: Writing

-Adverb Acting: Reading & Writing

-Write A List Poem: Reading & Writing

-Reading Comprehension

-100 Days: Organizing Time

-Grammar Terms: Reading & Writing

-Wise Word Problems: Math

-Persuasive Letter: Writing

-Be A Roving Reporter: Writing & Social Awareness

Group A, High school:

-Tic Tac Toe Geometry

-SAT Math: Distance

-SAT Math: Sequence

-College Admission Essay

-Scientific Debate: Test Prep

-Persuasive Letter: Writing

-Be A Roving Reporter: Writing & Social Awareness

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